Practical for Diploma in Building Technology
Practical for Diploma in Fashion Design and Interior Decoration
Practical for Diploma in Industrial Welding Technology

Welcome to ITPS;
As Kenya strives to be a middle income economy, Technical and Professional training is critical to enable her acquire the necessary human resource base. High quality training services must be provided to Kenyans to propel realization of vision 2030.

Pursue a Certificate or Diploma course with us with a promise of timely completion, career progression, quality and holistic training ensuring job placement and creation, serene learning environment among others.

To achieve this, DeKUT under ITPS offers:

  1. Professional courses that are set examined and certified by recognized National/ International professional bodies.
  2. Technical, Industrial and Vocational diploma and certificate courses that addresses skill needs in various sectors of the Kenyan economy. As much as possible the courses are structured to allow for credit transfers to degree programs. The diploma and certificate courses are developed in conjunction with appropriate Schools and/or Centers.
  3. Vocational certificate courses including crafts and trade tests.
  4. Short competency based courses that improve on trainees’ skills and abilities to work in various sectors of the economy.

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) therefore presents you an opportunity for world class Technical and Professional training.